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  Mahalekshmi Yantra

Are you seeking the solutions for business development,financial crisis,educational development, family problems,health problems etc....?

The solution is the blessing of Mahalekshmi Devi. Why because Mahalekshmi is the goddess of all prosperity.In Sanskrit it is "Saukhyam". "Soukhyam" means the state of eternal happiness. All the problems we mentioned above affects our happiness.So no other solution for us except to pray to Mahalekshmi. According to Hindu methology this goddess provides money and happiness. With out her presence God Vishnu is not complete.

So to get "Saukhyam" we need her blessings.

Mahalekshmi yantra is the best way to get the blessings of Lekshmi devi.In this yantra we draw the Mahalekshmi chakra in silver or gold metal sheets as described in ancient manuscripts of "Yanra Vidhi",the book of all types of mantrik yantras described.After that we place the power of Lekshmi devi by "Avahana" and makes poojas. So it has a constant power of Mahalekshmi.

If you place Mahalekshmi yantra in holy places of your home,office or wear this yantra as a lockate in chains ,you will get the blessings of Mahalekshmi directly.

Mahalekshmi yantra brings the effects in your life..

Brings the new oppertunities in your life...

Solutions for your debts....

Increases results for your efforts..

Getting new orders in business..

Career wise developments..

Financial helps from relatives..

Appropriate results from stocks...

Receives new investments in business

Getting Loans...

Financial stebility...

Money flow...

Increase in gold and sliver business..

Good health...

Happiness in life..

Goood results for students...

New ideas for artists.. etc..


  Yantra Sidhi    
  Yantrasidhi provides the opportunity to get mantrik yantras by online.You can order the yantras through this website and we deliver it by post after the traditional way of preparation and poojas.    
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Yantrasidhi prepares various types of mantrik yantras which provide diffrent and focussed results because of its drawing methods and pooja systems.These yantras have to wear and worship for a desired purpose in our life.

Eg: Santhana Gopala Yantra will give the positive results to those who are waiting for a child for long years.

You can choose the yantras according to its results from Yantrasidhi.

  About Acharya

Narasimhan Nampoothiri ,the founder of Yantrasidhi is one of the youngest member of encient brahmin family Neelamana Illam near Kandiyoor Mahadva Temple at the Alappuzha district of Kerala in South India.The family was famous for the spirituality, Jyothisham ,Vasthu sasthram,Thanthra sasthram and Vedic traditions. He achieved Sidhi,through the years of Upasana of Loard Lekshmi Narayana.

He has created an individual path of practicing Vasthu Sasthram for the last years after getting the Diploma in Traditional Achitecture.

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